Gamingvisor: The New Gaming Glasses For PC and Console


January, 2016–Gamingvisor team is pleased to announce the launch of their latest product, the Gamingvisor device: gaming glasses that increase the realism in gaming entertainment. Players can play all games available for their favourite console or pc directly on Gamingvisor screen. Gamingvisor was born for shooter and adventure games but can be used for any games. Head movements are detected as if ...

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The Best Laptop For DJing

djing laptop

The Best Laptop For DJing DJing is one of the core professions in the music industry. These days, technology is rendering old disc spinners and mixers obsolete by allowing DJs to do their work on laptops. The following are the best laptops for DJing. They are all available on This is a 15.4 inch laptop that works using the ...

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The Best Headphones For Working Out

workout headphones

The Best Headphones For Working Out Working out while listening to music has lots of advantages. The most common of these is that it helps to keep you consistent when you follow the rhythm and speed of the music. Most gyms play music for clients but if you wish to do squats or run on the treadmill while listening to ...

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The Best Laptops For Writers


The Best Laptops For Writers Writing is one is the most common methods of self-expression and sharing your own creativity. The use of words to communicate a message is very effective as it indicates what the writer is feeling and thinking. Not many writers use notepads and manual typewriters anymore. They often go for computers and more specifically laptops. This ...

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Best Smartphone For Seniors

senior smartphone

Best Smartphone For Seniors Smartphones have taken the world by storm. They are like computers small enough to fit in you palm. They help people enjoy both social and professional life. A basic smartphone allows the owner to take and share medial files like photos videos and audios. It also allows one access to the internet and online social sites ...

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