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You are on the PRO Robots channel and in this video we present unique technologies that will change the future. Drones that suppress fires with sound, digital twins that monitor your health, 4D printing and other future technologies that exist today! See a selection of the most amazing technologies that will change our lives in the next 5 years!

0:00 In this video
0:25 Digital Doppelgangers
1:40 Medical capsules
2:23 Artificial eyes
3:14 Wireless Brain Implants
3:41 Color Changing Stitches
4:13 Drones
4:48 Smart Bricks
5:34 Haptic Virtual Reality
6:17 Air Taxi and Drone Delivery
7:00 Floating Farms
8:04 Personal Health Protection
8:50 Medications that take effect only under certain conditions

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